Explore the collections of Seattle Art Museum

Explore the collections of Seattle Art Museum

From primitive art to the most contemporary works, this remarkable museum has become one of the major cultural hubs of the West Coast.

Better known as SAM, the Seattle Art Museum is a true cultural institution in Seattle. Established in 1933, the museum continually hosts events all year long, not hesitating to offer its many visitors themes as diverse as eclectic. It is not uncommon that a retrospective devoted to Picasso stand alongside an exhibition dedicated to the singer of Nirvana and his influence on the contemporary scene.
With over 25,000 works, the permanent collections invite you to travel across the globe – from Oceania to the first peoples of North America – and cover all the major periods of art history. Constantly supplemented by gifts from illustrious collectors, the contemporary and modern art department is not left behind. Note that, like any cultural centre of worth, the SAM offers many concerts and film screenings.

Seattle Art Museum
1300 1st Avenue
98101 Seattle

+1 206 654 3100