Explore Quito's cultural soul

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Explore Quito's cultural soul

Ecuador's history and cultural traditions are revealed in the various museums and places of worship scattered around Quito.

In the heart of La Ronda neighbourhood, the former San Juan de Dios Hospital is a good starting point. It has been converted into the Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum), offering exhibitions that focus on Quito's history, traditions and customs. A special spotlight is given to the evolution of Ecuadorian medicine, since the hospital remained in service for more than 400 years, from 1565 to 1974 exactly. Move on to the numerous places of worship the city counts, offering a true chronological representation of Quito's lifestyles that will then unravel before your eyes. Among the many sites, the Church of San Agustín takes on a particular historical meaning. It is here, in the chapterhouse, that the Declaration of Independence was signed, on August 10th, 1809. A guided tour will take you through the secrets of the “golden convent”, nicknamed after the precious metal's leaves applied on the walls. You could then take a break at the Cafeto coffee shop located nearby, from which to enjoy the view of the Moorish-looking cloister. Explore traditions further at the Iñaquito market, where you will find various stalls selling local produce, herbs, spices and corn. It will also be an opportunity to try some delicious local cuisine, the guatita for instance, a stew of cow tripe, or the encebollado, a tomato fish soup served with onions and cassava.

Museo de la Ciudad
García Moreno
Quito 170405

Convento San Agustín
Calle Chile
Quito 170401

Mercado Iñaquito
Iñaquito Bajo
Quito 170135