Explore Isla Iguana looking for turtles

Explore Isla Iguana looking for turtles

300 kilometres from Panama City in the eponymous gulf, Isla Iguana has been a nature reserve since the 1980s, famous for its marine and land species, as well as the coral reef.

The white sandy beaches are visible all the way from the Punta del Tigre coastline. Separated by an arm of the Gulf of Panama, Isla Iguana and the village of Pedasì are only seven kilometres apart. A four-hour drive or a shorter plane trip will take you to this coastal town, which in itself is a gate to a large nature reserve. Scuba dive or snorkel and venture into one of the gulf's biggest coral reef, spread over 16 hectares. Swim among hundreds of marine species in crystal clear waters. Back on solid ground, a professional guide will teach you how to evolve amid tropical flora and fauna. You will thus be able to come close to and discreetly observe the five turtle species of the island, located around its heavenly beaches. Squint at the horizon line and you will see Isla Iguana, which is a yearly destination for humpback whales. Who knows, you may even spot a few!

Isla Iguana
Los Santos Province