El Del Frente, tapas and cocktails in secret

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El Del Frente, tapas and cocktails in secret

The hip youth of Havana has established their HQ at El Del Frente restaurant and bar. Join their ranks to enjoy a festive evening in the heart of the old city.

Havana is full of secret places but El Del Frente will soon have none for you. Located just across from the brewery of their older brother O'Reilly 304, the establishment carries the same friendly and dynamic spirit. Try exquisite artisanal cocktails, served in a mason jar that will remind of you home and make you feel at ease. Aficionados of local culinary experiences can also try the lobster risotto or octopus served with sweet potatoes with paprika oil. For small groups, some tapas to share will be offered. These copious and colourful dishes combine flavours to perfection.
Take a stroll on the rooftop for dinner at sunset or simply enjoy the view overlooking the city, one of Havana's best mojitos in hand – to be consumed in moderation. Immortalise this moment and panorama that will take your breath away, but not your appetite.

El Del Frente
303 O'Reilly
La Habana Vieja

+53 7 8630206


Menu: around 12 CUC