Eastern mezze to be shared at Sarma

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Eastern mezze to be shared at Sarma

At Sarma, in Somerville, near Boston, small plates full of Turkish and Mediterranean flavours keep coming, being passed along, each fully unique.

A sarma is a very popular Eastern mezze, quite similar to the dolmas, except vine leaves are replaced with cabbage and stuffed with cooked rice. In the Boston periphery of Somerville, the idea of serving sarma transformed into a full-fledged restaurant of the same name, where all sorts of small dishes are to be shared by patrons. This is where to find mezze born from the fusion of Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines.

The look of the place is reminiscent of a bistro, with exposed brick walls, bargain-hunted chairs and bottle-green bench seats. The Eastern aspect can be felt up to the ceilings, carrying vintage serrated Eastern chandeliers. Served in enamelled stoneware, dishes prove surprising and offer innovative textures. As a family or with friends, try in turn the lamb köfte sliders (Turkish meatballs), the barbecued duck in harissa, or the Tunisian-style beef tartare served with some radish and a soft-boiled egg. That is, with a load of homemade sarmas of course!

249 Pearl Street
Somerville,MA 02145

+1 617 764 4464


Menu: around 29 USD