Dry Cocktails & Pizza: when Happy Hour comes

Dry Cocktails & Pizza: when Happy Hour comes

In the heart of Brera, the perfect place to share a pizza and try the oldest cocktail in Italy.

Aperitifs, chatting, and snacking... no Milanese worthy of the name foregoes having a glass of something to end the day and start the evening. The best place to do this is at Dry. In the heart of Brera, this neo-industrial design bar is both pizzeria and cocktail bar. This is a place you get to late and stay at late. Choose a sofa with a view of the street, order a pizza or focaccia to share, and a select a cocktail, preferably the Milano Turino.

The Milano Turino was created in Milan in 1860; Dry's bartender, Guglielmo Miriello, has recently resurrected it. The original recipe is made of one-half Milan Campari, and the other half Turin Cinzano. Here, Miriello combines Campari and Vermouth, which is the pride of all Milan.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza
Via solferino 33
20 121 Milan

+ 39 (0)2 6379 3414


Menu: around 12 EUR a pizza, 10 EUR a cocktail