Downtown, good food and party vibes

Downtown, good food and party vibes

One of Saint-Pierre's newest hotspots, Downtown has become a go-to for the town's younger generation, and a hit with those looking for a casual, friendly feel.

Often referred to as the capital of southern Réunion, Saint-Pierre has a fun party hotspot all its own. It embraces the famous Senegalese concept of ‘Teranga', which Jean-Louis Sarr - the brain behind the unique locale - brought with him from his homeland. Teranga is a Wolof word that loosely translates as “hospitality”, although it also embodies the values of sharing and camaraderie you will find at Downtown café, which is located just a few metres from the harbour. It is a popular haunt for locals and tourists alike for having fun with friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the coolness of the place.

As you chat, treat yourself to a poke bowl or plate of seared tuna with locally-sourced ‘péï' vanilla butter – a type of vanilla produced here in Réunion with an incomparable flavour. If your appetite is more on the giant side, go for the 250g Black Angus ribeye, or one of the menu's many burgers - choose from Gorgonzola, chicken, or the vegetarian option of a kidney bean, lentil and chickpea patty. All the vegetables used are grown locally, and the bread and cheese are homemade, with vegan options also available.

As the sun sets, the plant-filled patio and New York-inspired main hall really come to life as the DJ gets to work. Depending on the evening you visit, you might hear soul, hip hop, or even underground music: that is the magic of Downtown!

4 rue des Bons Enfants
97410 Saint-Pierre

+262 (0)2 62 08 76 53 / +262 (0)6 93 77 05 74

Menu: around 23 EUR (cocktails from 8 EUR)