Dobrumba, from the Bosporus to Gibraltar

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Dobrumba, from the Bosporus to Gibraltar

At Dobrumba, in Budapest's Jewish district, share multicultural food, from the Mediterranean to the Middle-East and Caucasia.

At the crossroads of Dob and Rumbach streets in Budapest, the restaurant simply draws its name from the location. And yet, Dobrumba's influences cannot be further away from these Hungarian alleyways: “From the Atlas Mountains to Ararat, from the Bosphorus to Gibraltar”, it proudly states, almost like a slogan.
With a New York bistro feel in an industrial loft, Dobrumba offers a large selection of mezze to share, as well as Mediterranean, Levantine and even Caucasian recipes. Dip in some Lebanese hummus, and try Israeli labneh (savoury yogurt), Georgian pkhali (spinach-based dish with beetroots and pomegranate), Spanish patatas bravas, Moroccan harira (lentil and chick pea soup) or why not some Turkish kumpir (tomato, feta cheese and yogurt-stuffed baked potato)... With your family or friends, wandering from flavour to flavour has never been more pleasurable.

Dob u. 5
1074 Budapest

+36 30 194 0049

Menu: around 3,900 HUF