Detour to the National Botanical Conservatory

Detour to the National Botanical Conservatory

What do you think of a peaceful escape among plants and flowers at this centre of plant life?

Since 1975, the National Botanical Conservatory in Brest has been dedicated to the diversity of flora, aiming to preserve these plants in optimal conditions. The first establishment in the world devoted to endangered plant species spreads over a 30-hectare garden that plant lovers can roam freely all day throughout the year. Planned in 1970 by Jean-Yves Lesouëf, this space dedicated to cultivation, conservation and presentation of plants that are threatened with extinction, welcomes 400,000 visitors a year. Vegetation growing here make the most of a microclimate that is favourable to plants from around the world.

Ready for a tour of the organic world? You can explore by geographical region, and discover the shrubs and heather of Armorica, camellias and cherry trees of Asia, acacias and ferns from Australia… There are even lovely ponds along your walking path, scented with the perfume of spring flowers or coloured by the bright red tones of autumn.

Jardin du Conservatoire Botanique National
Rampe du Stang-Alar
29200 Brest

+33 (0)2 98 02 46 00