Dashkova Residence, the courtyard of tsars

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Dashkova Residence, the courtyard of tsars

Dive into Russian history at the Dashkova Residence hotel, nestled in an ancient building on Galernaya street.

Here at the Dashkova Residence hotel on Galernaya, the city's oldest street running parallel to the Neva river, you will find the true soul of Saint Petersburg. It is as much part of the national history as the many palaces built under the Russian Empire that surround it. This 18th-century building is the former residence of princess Catherine Dachkov (Ekaterina Romanovna Dashkova in Russian). Confidante of Empress Catherine II, she was a key character of the Russian Enlightenment, having notably founded the Russian Imperial Academy in 1783, based on the French Academy and discussions with Voltaire and Diderot during a Paris trip.

This particular period atmosphere is felt in every room of the hotel, while keeping the Dutch-inspired design both modern and welcoming. However, as a historical building, note that the mansion has no elevator. Very popular with travellers looking for a romantic stay (even on a budget), the Dashkova Residence remembers journeying families. Some rooms can therefore welcome four persons, just like the studio – which offers an unobstructed view of the gardens. As a guest of honour of Princess Dashkov, halfway between the Hermitage and the Bronze Horseman statue, you are plunged into the very heart of Saint Petersburg's imperial past.

Dashkova Residence
Galernaya ulitsa 15
190000 Sankt-Peterburg

+7 800 775 2522


Rooms: from 2,250 RUB