Cookoovaya, the soul of modern Greece

Cookoovaya, the soul of modern Greece

In the heart of downtown Athens, this restaurant has chosen to create its cuisine with only fresh, Greek ingredients!

Before embarking on the great adventure of Cookoovaya, five friends, chefs who were passionate about cooking, studied new trends in gastronomy and pondered over what was missing in Athens. Their conclusions led them to open their own establishment offering guests dishes in tune with the times. They run a completely open kitchen, giving the restaurant the conviviality of traditional taverns.

The principle of Cookoovaya is simple: encapsulate Greece in a single dish, always using fresh products and designed to be shared. On the menu, you will find the famous Greek salad reinvented by one of the chefs, but also a succulent catch of the day tartar with smoked Greek black-pig pork, cream of potato and yuzu. For dessert, you might opt for a tarte Tatin with pears, unless you would prefer a bougatsa, a local pastry with cinnamon, served with vanilla ice cream.

Xatzigianni Mexi 2A
115 28 Athens

+30 210 723 5005

Menu: around 42 EUR