Cloistered life at Hwagyesa Temple

Cloistered life at Hwagyesa Temple

For one night, live the life of a Buddhist monk. Practice meditation and other sacred rituals at Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul.

About 20 minutes from the Suyu station by foot, and close to metro line 4, the place is quiet, far from the crowds. In this haven of rest, Hwagyesa temple offers you to spend the night and take in Buddhist culture, adopted in South Korea more than 1,700 years ago. Practice meditation, which favours concentration, and take part in the morning ceremony dedicated to Buddha. You can also take on calligraphy and mandala lessons, followed by a traditional monk meal, consisting of rice and vegetables. Later during the day, witness a tea ceremony, which remains very important for all Asian societies. Out of the ordinary, this experience will give you a unique glimpse into cloistered life, which goal is to purify body and soul by way of contemplation and exploration into oneself.

Temple Hwagyesa
487 Suyu 1-dong

+82 (0)2 902 2663

Night at the temple: 50 000 KRW