Climbing Pic Paradis, Saint Martin's highest point

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Climbing Pic Paradis, Saint Martin's highest point

At an altitude of 424m, Pic Paradis towers over all the surrounding mountains in the ridgeline that runs from one end of Saint Martin to the other.

It is one of the only accessible places in the centre of the island. Surrounded by a lush tropical forest, Pic Paradis (or "Paradise Peak") dominates Saint Martin with at an altitude of 424 m. To reach its summit, it takes about three hours to hike from the bottom of the peak - the waymarked path starts close to the Loterie Farm. Along your pilgrimage, observe the iguanas, butterflies and monkeys hiding in the midst of the vegetation. Among this lush flora, the path can sometimes be steep. Nevertheless, it remains accessible even to the youngest, who will be delighted to catch a glimpse of the mountain sheep. Make sure you bring plenty of water or opt for an early morning ascent as the sun can be overwhelming from midday. When you reach your destination, spread the tall wild grasses to discover an unobstructed view of Marigot, Orient Bay, the Caribbean Sea, and much more. If you squint your eyes, you will even see the island of Saint-Barthélemy in the distance!

Pic Paradis
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