Chôm Chôm, a Vietnamese restaurant of reference

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Chôm Chôm, a Vietnamese restaurant of reference

In the SoHo district (South of Hollywood Road), this trendy little Vietnamese restaurant will make your stay all the more authentic.

The interior design is modern without being flashy, with a central marble counter where you can enjoy your food while watching the chefs at work. The Chôm Chôm dining room is never empty thanks to its unpretentious restyled Vietnamese cuisine made with quality products.

For beef dishes, choose a beef pho roll served in a wok with rice noodles and spinach, or the Lôc Lac. If you prefer chicken, opt for fried Vietnamese-style wings. If you have some room left, try the garlic-fried tiger prawns. The servers are kind and background music is conducive to spending a delicious moment! They do not take reservations, so plan to go right when they open. Otherwise, you can wait a few minutes on the terrace with a glass of Sapporo.

Chôm Chôm
58 Peel Street
Hong Kong

+852 2810 0850

Menu: around 480 HKD