Chez Quartier: cute and good!

tea salon
Chez Quartier: cute and good!

Let yourself be swept away by this peerless tea salon, which is a pleasure for both the palate and the eyes.

Unlike other establishments in the sober Voltaire neighbourhood, this pink tea salon jumps out at you. Porcelain, antique chocolate boxes, and miniature carriages joyfully decorate these ‘English' premises, which are quite unlike any other in Geneva. Pies, pastries, and other delicacies are all prepared with care, and taste just like home made. There is also honey from local producers on offer.

A little off the beaten tourist track, this is a popular address for the Genevois, who like to come here early in the morning or stay and chat in the courtyard. Snack on sandwiches and vegetarian pies throughout the day. And there is a subtle selection of fine teas for fans of tea time.

Another interesting aspect: you can serve yourself as if you were at home, making Chez Quartier unusually user-friendly.

Chez Quartier
Rue Voltaire 24
1203 Geneva

+41 (0)22 344 53 21

Menu: around 15 CHF