Cenote swimming

Cenote swimming

The Yucatan cenotes are a unique underground water network.

Among the most amazing natural phenomena of the Yucatan Peninsula, cenotes are tunnel-shaped cavities. Dug into the limestone by groundwater, they became exposed to the surface with the collapse of their limestone ceilings.

Formerly Mayan ritual sites, cenotes are now family recreation areas for Mexicans and tourists. The peninsula has no less than 10,000 cenotes, of which only a few are known and have been explored.

Enjoy these stunning pools for snorkelling, diving, and swimming in the middle of the region's wild nature. In Riviera Maya, we recommend the Cristalino cenote, 70 metres from the southern entrance of the Barceló Maya resort, as well as Cenote Azul and El Jardin del Edén, which are also accessible along the highway, a little further south.

Cenote Cristalino
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