Casas del XVI, welcome to the Spanish colonial nobility

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Casas del XVI, welcome to the Spanish colonial nobility

In the heart of Santo Domingo's Colonial City, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these five-century-old houses will take you back to the past.

In the name “Casas del XVI”, the Roman numerals remind us of the area's illustrious architectural past. In Santo Domingo, this boutique hotel consists of five colonial houses that are a half-millennium old. A total of 15 rooms reflect the spirit of Spanish nobility in the olden days, as it used to spend time in the city, then considered the gateway to the New World.
Decorated in an identical way, the colourful casas are adorned with local art objects and typical ancient knick-knacks of Dominican Republic. Old tiles, Renaissance-era roofs… many elements have been carefully retained and renovated, and the hotel is wholly integrated into the Colonial City (Ciudad Colonial), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides its aristocratic demeanour, Casas del XVI offers high-end services. Each house is run by a butler, at your service everywhere, from your room to the mango-tree-lined patio, for a truly royal experience.

Casas del XVI
Calle Padre Billini No. 252
Santo Domingo 10210

+1 809 688 4061 

Rooms: from 14,264 DOP