Caffeinated break at Café Tortuga

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Caffeinated break at Café Tortuga

A favourite hotspot for breakfast lovers in Tena, Café Tortuga is especially renowned for its genuine and homemade Ecuadorian coffee.

As the name suggests, Café Tortuga is dedicated to turtles. Various iterations of the reptilian animal can be found, from lampshades to wallpapers and even bread baskets. Picturesque charm is revealed through a typical decoration, the red and pale-yellow front, the rustic wooden furniture and bookshelves that favour book loans in all languages. From 7 a.m. onwards, order a Tortuga breakfast to softly start the day: it consists of eggs, cheese, bacon and guacamole topped with cheese cubes, as well as generous servings of batidos, thick fruit-based drinks, freshly squeezed juices and Ecuadorian coffee prepared right before your eyes. At the junction of Tena and Pano rivers, Café Tortuga also works out well when it comes to filling up small hunger levels with a delicious chocolate cake. If the weather is really hot outside, your best bet will be homemade iced tea, supremely enjoyed in front of such a gorgeous setting.

Café Tortuga
Francisco de Orellana Avenue
Tena 150150

+593 (0)6 288 7304é-Tortuga

Menu: snacks from 2 to 7 USD