Botanica Lab, the renewal of vegetarian cuisine

Botanica Lab, the renewal of vegetarian cuisine

In Bologna, Botanica Lab gives vegetarian cuisine a good name. Quality, innovation and complementary flavours.

The child project of Anne Artesiani, who studied with the greatest chefs in the field of vegetarian cuisine, Botanica Lab Cucina will please even fervent carnivores. The staff will go beyond to sweep away any doubt you may have: this creative, eclectic and organic cuisine is prepared using seasonal, gluten-free ingredients. Another driving force is to serve raw food, hence preserving flavours and nutritional values. From classic buddha bowls, sandwiches and pizzas (whole pies or slices) to more adventurous tempeh (soybean-based paste) served with Jerusalem artichoke cream and grilled nuts, or a delicious avocado-chocolate cream, everything is homemade. A lovely and affordable wine selection completes the experience.

Alternately, head to Botanica Lab Café for its arabica, tea, flavourful cakes and brioches. A gourmet break indeed!

Botanica Lab
Via Battibecco, 4
40123 Bologna

+39 342 860 6026

Menu: from 18 EUR