Between Us B&B: a charming option

Between Us B&B: a charming option

A pied-à-terre for artists and businessmen, this B&B is also ideal for romantic escapes. 

The Miedzy Nami café was one of the first hip spots to open in Warsaw and was long on its own. That was more than 20 years ago. Today, if the founders have inevitably aged a bit, their place hasn't and has evolved over a variety of décors. It remains a vital centre for creative types of all ages, and the same goes for the B&B located above the café.
This completely redesigned former apartment is composed of three rooms combining design and vintage—one is even decorated with Polish posters. The whole setting seems to come out of a decorating magazine and invites you to laziness and cocooning. One surprise is the discovery here of the Aesop line of Australian products with their delicious fragrances. Breakfast? At the Miedzy Nami café, of course, and a meal you will not soon forget—one that a grandmother would be proud to give to her grandchildren! Take a look in the adjoining shop, where you can find Polish and foreign products to take home.

Between Us B&B
Bracka 20
00-028 Warszawa

+48 603 096 701

Rooms: from 357 PLN