Bespoke cocktails at Geist im Glas

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Bespoke cocktails at Geist im Glas

In Berlin, Geist im Glas stands out with its intimate setting, homemade liquors and drink-making to suit your mood.

The former blue-collar neighbourhood of Neukölln, sometimes called "Little Istanbul" in reference to the large Turkish community living there, has now become the place to be for Berlin's trendy youth. Among the most popular addresses, Geist im Glas is always packed. This cocktail bar owes its success to the cosy and welcoming atmosphere it gives off. The intimate setting is being enhanced by the use of soul music and red brick walls mainly lit by candlelight.
At the counter, there is no menu. To order, choose what you want to drink - in moderation, of course - by asking the bartender. Geist im Glas makes some homemade alcohols, like very fresh, lemon and basil-infused gin. Answer the mixologist's questions and he will define what cocktail best suits your taste on the spot. The following morning, you can head back there for one of the best brunches in town, offering large and creative servings in rustic wooden plates.

Geist im Glas
Lenaustraße 27
12047 Berlin

+49 (0)152 5135 3816

Menu: cocktails from 6.5 EUR