Beautiful motor cars at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Beautiful motor cars at the Petersen Automotive Museum

In a city where the car is king, this museum presents more than a century and a half of automotive history.

The museum was founded in 1994 and redesigned in 2015. Its owner, the press magnate Robert E. Petersen commissioned the architectural firm KPF to wrap the 1960s building in an incredible futuristic structure. Visitors to the Petersen Automotive Museum will be instantly impressed by the new façade, made from 100 tonnes of wavy steel ribbons.

Spanning 10,000 sqm, the PAM is America's top car museum. More than 100 vehicles are displayed over four floors and a hundred or so others are stored in a vault on the basement level and shown during temporary exhibitions.

Given the proximity of the Hollywood studios, you will not be surprised to come across some of the most famous models from TV and cinema, including the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the Ford Thunderbird from Thelma et Louise. Several collections retrace the history of the automotive industry, from the Tricycle Benz (1885), regarded as the world's first ever motor car, to the Ferrari 250 GTO, one of the most expensive cars ever made. As you pass through the galleries, admire the impressive racing cars, period motorcycles, and concept cars, not to mention numerous objects, photos, videos, and documents from Robert E. Petersen's private collection.

This temple dedicated to the motor car caters for children too. Little ones will be thrilled to encounter the life-size stars of Pixar Studios' Cars trilogy, whilst teenagers can test their skills in the driving simulator or have fun learning about the mysteries of mechanics. An amazing family day out!

Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

+1 323 964 6331