Azahar Parque 93, the science of senses

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Azahar Parque 93, the science of senses

Any time is the right time for coffee! At Azahar Parque 93, you will softly discover the delicious skills of Colombian coffee producers.

As Colombian coffee bushes blossom and fields of grass take on opaline hues, Azahar Coffee Company are on a mission to discover the greatest plantations of the country. Their goal is to spread the word about the best roast Colombian coffee ever, all around the world. Concerned with forging long-lasting and open relationships with local producers, the Colombian exporter pays strict attention to the quality of the coffee it is being offered. Thus, they shed a light on the work of the small agricultural structures they meet along the way.

This spirit of fair trade marked the birth of Azahar Parque 93 (one of the brand's various establishments), which in no time has become one of Bogotá's most popular coffee places. At the break of day, pair your latte, espresso, macchiato or cappuccino with an arepa (cornbread speciality from Venezuela and Colombia) in grilled cheese and pico de gallo. Later in the day, pair your coffee with chicken legs, a pumpkin mash, arugula and honey. That is, unless the combination of bacon slices, creamy goat cheese and marinated vegetables of the Azahar Burger catches your fancy first!

Azahar Parque 93
Calle 93b No. 13 - 91

+57 (1) 739 1661

Menu: around 40,000 COP for breakfast, 60,000 COP for lunch