At the Mistral, a French wind is blowing in Boston

At the Mistral, a French wind is blowing in Boston

Chef Jamie Mammano invites you on a journey to taste the savours of the Mediterranean, without ever leaving Boston ...

In rapidly evolving Boston, the Mistral has remained true to itself since its inception in 1997 by chef Jamie Mammano. Everything is done to take you away, metaphorically of course, to the French coast. The name 'Mistral' evokes the wind that blows over the south of France. The decoration transports you to Provence with its pottery, wooden furniture, chandeliers and especially its imposing clock with Roman numerals which, at lunch time, invites you to sit at one of the tables.

Just like the decor, the cooking is simple but delicious, all the more so thanks to the seasonal products. Enjoy a sole meunière with lemon and capers, served with sautéed spinach and potatoes, or a half duck roast and wild mushroom risotto. These captivating Mediterranean dishes almost make you hear the sweet song of the cicadas.

223 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

+1 617 867 9300

Menu: around 55 USD