At the heart of Swedish culture at Nordiska Museet

At the heart of Swedish culture at Nordiska Museet

More than 500 years of Swedish history are available to you in a building worthy of a fairy tale.

On the island of Djurgården, you cannot miss the impressive Nordic Museum -
"Nordiska Museet" in Swedish. The immense Renaissance-style building seems to have always been there, but it only dates back to 1907. Meanwhile, the collection has existed since 1873, when Artur Hazelius took the initiative to create a museum about popular culture and traditions.
The largest monument of its kind in Sweden, the Nordiska brings together over 500 years of the country's history within its walls. Among the permanent exhibitions, do not miss those on past and present homes, jewellery, design and fashion. Another, particularly interesting, is entirely devoted to the Sami, the only indigenous Swedish people still living in Lapland, which has had to adapt to the world around them.
The three floors of Nordiska Museet are organised around an enormous hall in the centre of which stands a wooden statue of King Gustav I. On the ground floor, you will find a souvenir shop, a restaurant serving local specialities, as well as the reconstruction of a full-size 1940s Swedish apartment.

Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet)
Djurgårdsvägen 6-16
115 93 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 519 546 00