Asta, the culinary reference of Boston

Asta, the culinary reference of Boston

The Asta restaurant is a Boston version of the famous Noma. Dishes are to be admired before being tasted. The menus are perfectly composed.

Alex Crabb was deeply inspired by the Copenhagen Noma, a temple to gastronomy for the entire world, during his apprenticeship there. Building on this Danish experience, the chef has made the Asta restaurant into a must for all of Boston. The decor is industrial, with red brick walls, light-coloured wood tables and chairs straight out of a classroom. The open kitchen lets you admire the dexterity of the cooks who prepare your meal right in front of you. You can choose between two tasting menus that contain five or eight dishes, each consisting exclusively of seasonal products and fresh ingredients. Enjoy the pheasant served with black truffles and celery, or a fillet of cod with capers and shallots. For dessert, opt for the cherry soufflé, served with its cardamom marshmallow.

47 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

+1 617 585 9575

Menu: from 80 USD