Art takes centre stage at Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum

Art takes centre stage at Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum

The history of Catalan and French Perpignan unfolds on the canvases of the Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum.

Since 1833, Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum, in Perpignan - a less than two-hour drive from Montpellier - exhibits pictorial works inspired by the wealth of the region. Capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca before being annexed by France, the city of Perpignan is torn between its Catalan past and French present.

Painters such as Aristide Maillol, Étienne Terrus and Miquel Alcanyís, and of course Rigaud, transcribed the history of this contrasted city on their canvases. The three permanent collections display Gothic, Baroque and modern works, while two temporary exhibitions are organized each year, in summer and autumn.

After major works to extend and modernize the building,. today the site combines two historic private mansions - Lazerme's and Mailly's - to form a 1,400 sqm exhibition space. Young visitors (age 18 months to 4) are not forgotten, giving them and their parents an opportunity to attend introductions to art and history.

Hyacinthe Rigaud Art Museum
21 rue Mailly
66000 Perpignan

+33 (0)4 68 66 19 83