Osteria Antica Marina, the catch of the day

Osteria Antica Marina, the catch of the day

It would be a sin not to taste the many treasures from the Ionian Sea, at the heart of the Pescheria, where the fish market is a must-see.

Make the most of your visit in the island's famous fish market by strolling down its paths and try the miraculous catch offered there.
Situated right in the middle of this vibrant and lively place, the Osteria Antica Marina restaurant gives you a prime location for watching the merchants come and go, with stalls full of shellfish taken out of their baskets… It will be impossible to resist the call of the mermaid, or rather the cry of the chef presenting his menu: marinated shrimp, swordfish tartare, linguine with tuna eggs, sautéed mussels and clams... Expect even more freshness for dessert, savouring a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream or a delicious lemon sorbet.
The colours, the mood, the folklore of this place are such a delight that is has become a very attractive address; so do not forget to book in advance…

Osteria Antica Marina
Via Pardo, 29
95121 Catania

+39 095 348 197


Menu: around 32 EUR