Amoeba, the cult record shop

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Amoeba, the cult record shop

This Hollywood Boulevard store, which has two other branches in Berkeley and San Francisco, is an essential destination for music lovers.

When the owners of the legendary Amoeba store announced that it was moving in 2020, aficionados of the world's largest record shop broke out in a cold sweat. Luckily, their fears were soon laid to rest. Not only is its new address on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue, next to the Fonda Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just a couple of blocks from the old one, but Amoeba is now bigger and better than ever, occupying 2,000 sqm on the ground floor of the huge El Centro complex.

Set aside at least an afternoon to rummage through the store in search of that rare musical gem. Wherever you look, racks are crammed with hundreds of thousands of CDs, records, and cassettes, both new and second-hand and catering to tastes from niche to mainstream. Reckon on spending a few more hours at Amoeba if you want to roam the mezzanine level, where you will find countless DVDs, Blu-Ray disks, books, magazines, vintage posters and even an array of rock T-shirts… For dreamers and music lovers, this is quite simply paradise.

Amoeba Music
6200 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

+1 323 245 6400