Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery, a helping of Midwestern nostalgia

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Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery, a helping of Midwestern nostalgia

Pasadena's Agnes restaurant offers traditional gastronomy from the Midwest, the geographical centre of the United States.

Do not be surprised if you come across increasing numbers of Los Angeles restaurants dedicated to American Midwestern culture. Many Angelenos are adopted Californians who arrived there from states like Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, and Wisconsin - in other words, the states that make up the country's geographical centre.

They include Thomas Kalb, originally from Iowa, who left his home state to put his culinary talents to use on the West Coast. Now at Agnes, the restaurant named after his maternal grandmother, he is introducing food lovers in Pasadena and the surrounding area to all the flavours of his childhood. The restaurant is housed in the former horse stable of the district fire department, built in 1922. Behind its massive, original doors, the chef puts a modern twist on comforting family food. Try the Cornbread Eclair - typical Midwestern cornbread, reworked into an éclair with chicken liver mousse, topped with cherries - or Little Radiators, home-made pasta with tomato sauce, Pecorino and Burrata, a reference to the Italian influences in Midwestern cooking. And since the sun is always shining in Los Angeles, why not savour all these delicious recipes on the splendid leafy patio?

Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery
40 West Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91105

+1 626 389 3839

Menu: around 22 USD