A Sunday at Ipanema's hippie fair

A Sunday at Ipanema's hippie fair

This Sunday, at 7 in the morning, be the first to arrive at the hippie fair to do your shopping and find a few treasures.

True cultural event, not far from Ipanema beach, the hippie fair's outdoor market will occupy your Sunday from 7am to 6pm. You will spend your day finding that rare gem, the souvenir that will bring the greatest joy to your loved ones. In addition to the many clothes and swimsuits snatched by all the tourists, enjoy the smaller artisanal crafts. The beautiful wood sculptures will catch your eye while you fall for the typically Brazilian multicoloured bracelets. Continue on your way towards the centre of the market to discover exquisite works representing Christ the Redeemer and the favelas. Throughout the period of the dictatorship (1964-1985) these artists had nowhere to exhibit. Hence, they set up the hippie fair on General Osório Square to reveal their most beautiful canvases.

Feira hippie
Plaça General Osorio
Rio de Janeiro 36950-000