A Moroccan take on organic food at Organic Kitchen

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A Moroccan take on organic food at Organic Kitchen

First gourmet space dedicated to organic food in Casablanca, Organic Kitchen is a hybrid between a restaurant, a deli and a gourmet grocery shop.

At the heart of the Racine neighbourhood in Casablanca, Organic Kitchen bets on local and organic products from responsible farming. Vegan and healthy cooking aficionados often gather in this stripped-down space that recalls of the hygge, the Nordic trend of well-being. The restaurant's menu is adapted to all diets and offers dishes that put Moroccan culinary traditions in the spotlight, such as the Matesha Bla Kefta tajine, inspired from the regular kefta tajine but replacing minced beef with a vegetal counterpoint. Fine deli products are also displayed on shelves in a committed take on consumption: the organic quinoa is sourced from the first Moroccan farm for this product, the cider vinegar uses Moroccan apples that do not meet retail sector specifications… Nearby, a deli, a bakery and a greengrocer all sell organic and local products. Together, they make Organic Kitchen a must for anyone looking into a new way to consume.

Organic Kitchen
6-8, rue Ahmed El Mokri (former rue d'Auteuil)
20000 Casablanca

+212 522 94 37 75


Menu: around 205 MAD