A jaunt for two

A jaunt for two

Let the unique atmosphere of the Seychelles Islands lull you on a dreamlike honeymoon…

What could be more romantic than a stay for two under the archipelago's sun? Enjoy a real break for a few days and take advantage of massage and skincare sessions with your loved one at Banyan Tree Spa, as the institution offers services for couples. Just imagine an idyllic set up on a beach, with the moonlight shining bright as you give in to the pleasure of candlelit dinner.
You could also choose to set off and explore the wonders undersea as a duo, swimming hand in hand amid schools of fish. An unforgettable experience awaits you. Do not forget to sail a catamaran for a mini-cruise around different islands. For a few days, you'll discover Seychelles with a special perspective shaped by waves and currents.

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Mahé Island

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