A culinary experience in total darkness

A culinary experience in total darkness

O.Noir, the first Canadian restaurant to import the concept of a lunch or dinner in the dark.

The restaurant O.Noir invites you to a table in a particularly dark decor where lamps, candles and even mobile phones are forbidden. Expect your sense of taste to be greatly intensified as foods take on a whole new flavour when you discover them with your eyes closed. Have fun guessing the taste of duck breasts, trout ceviche with tarragon or a mushroom, leek and celery pie.

This experience exacerbates your senses. For O.Noir, it is above all a socially responsible approach where customers and servers (who are blind) are led, during one meal, to 'share' blindness. This original concept was invented by Jorge Spielmann, a blind pastor from Zurich, who used to wrap the eyes of his guests during dinner. In addition, O.Noir donates part of its profits to local associations that help the visually impaired.

124, rue Prince Arthur E
Montréal, QC H2X 1B5

+1 514 937 9727


Menu: around 36 CAD